Tuesday, August 18, 2015


I wonder why we have feelings. Life would have been much simpler and less complicated if we didn’t have any feelings in the first place. They make everything so messed up. Some days I feel happy the other days sad and frustrated. Though, sad is not the right word, it is a weird feeling. It feels like there is nothing good in life to be happy about. I don’t understand why it happens like, yesterday I was feeling everything is just perfect and right now I am feeling nothing is right, there is a lot that need changes in my life, in me, my attitude, in everything. Maybe it has something to do with being positive and negative. But these all are just feelings again, why do we have them?

My life would have been much different if I didn’t have them. There would have been much fewer problems, no mood swings, no complications, no unnecessary over thinking nothing useless. I think all these feelings waste our time and become a distraction between what we actually want to do.

I know this is just unnecessary stuff I am writing, but I have to write because I don’t have anyone to speak about it or maybe no one will understand. Again, it’s my feelings which I feel no one will be able to understand. I wonder is it even possible to understand what exactly someone feels because everyone has a different mind and different perception. You can express what you feel, but you cannot be sure of what the other understands.

Many a times we say to our closed ones that “you will not understand it”, I think it is true no one understand what are the actual feelings they just empathize with us. Recently, read about “alter ego” – a close friend who thinks or feels similarly to the way you think or feel. Is it really true do people have such friends in their life? I don’t have anyone like that or maybe I am not good in expressing my feelings that’s why they don’t understand.

Alter ego have another meaning too which means the opposite side of one’s personality, I think this alter ego I have. :D No, I don’t have any split personality disorder but I guess everyone have two sides of their personality, one which they shows to everyone and the other which they don’t show to anyone or shows to only closed ones.

But still I feel the feelings are unnecessary. (Again, I feel the feeling of feeling being useless :P) Do we have another word for the word ‘feeling’? Oh God, someone, please help me with my vocabulary. Anyways, enough of feelings now I am getting sleepy feeling because it's 2 am right now and just today I checked that most of my blog posts are uploaded in the mid of the night, such an insomniac I am. I think this insomnia is also a problem that I over think and get different feelings. Whatever it is, after typing all this useless stuff I am feeling good and I think I am back to normal mode. And for this my blog and this laptop deserves a big thank you. 

PS: A big thanks to you too, yes you the one who is reading this, my generous readers. Thank you for reading. 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Live, Learn and Carry On

Image Courtesy: www.onelifesuccess.net

Life is a journey in which we experience many things and learn from it. The important thing is to learn and change your life gradually. I am sharing some of the things which I have learned in my life and I wish I won't repeat the same mistakes again.

I have learned that if you don't think about yourself then don't expect that anyone else would do this for you. If you don't bother to do this doesn't mean that others will think about you before themselves.

I have learned that it is never a reason that you don't have time for someone or something, it is always the priorities that change with the time and needs.

I have learned that you should never do so much for someone that it will become difficult for them to repay, or if they didn't return it will hurt you. you should never give someone the power to hurt you.

I have learned that one should never give the right to anyone to hurt you so much that it will become impossible to forgive them.

I have learned that you should never give so much value to someone in your life that you become valueless in their lives.

I have learned that you should never become dependent on anyone after a certain time period that it will become a burden for them and for you as well.

I have learned that earning happiness is more important than earning money because you can earn money in many ways, but it is not always possible to earn happiness while you earn that money.

I have learned that you should always take your decisions yourself so that you won't blame anyone else in future for what is happening in your life. After all it is your life you have to make your own ways to live it.

I have learned that, if someone expects something from you, try not to disappoint them.

I have learned that if you are expecting too much from someone, sooner or later you will be disappointed with them and yourself.

I have learned that loving yourself is more important than loving others. Don’t try to be so very kind you won’t get anything.

I have learned that you should learn to say “No”. It is not necessary to say yes to everyone on every other thing.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Who am I?

Who am I? I am still in search of its answer, in the process of making my 'Identity'.

In the meanwhile, I am a Dreamer, Observer, Struggler and an Impatient Being. But the most important thing about me is that I want to change all this except being an Observer.

I would always love to observe the things, the world, the people, nature, and the birds. And yes, I do observe myself too. I am a changed person now than what I was a few years earlier. Although my habits have not changed much which I always wanted to do and still wants to.  But still I feel change I am a bit older now and more mature maybe.  Yes, we say age is just a number but I realized lately it’s an important number. And you can never get back to the time you have already lost.

Whenever someone asks me, “tell me something about yourself”. I tell them my name, about my family, my hobbies - which I don’t mostly pursue, and what I do I don’t count them as my hobbies. This one question has always been a difficult one for me on which if I keep thinking I won’t stop to tell them about me. But then I realized what I think is not what people wants to listen.

I am the one with the silent nature but the loudest mind. I am the one who stands in the crowd but still seems different. I am the one who is there in between the people but still not there, a wanderer.  When I passed out from school I got the title “silent water runs deeper”. I took it in a positive manner. I am like a river which seems quiet and shallow on the surface but might be deeper than what you observe. Many might feel I am a mysterious person, but only those who are close to me know how open I am about my thoughts.  Thus, I am a reserved person too everyone can’t be my friend neither I can be a friend to everyone.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


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To be in the shade, you have to feel the scorching heat.
life is tangled in the process of covering this distance
Long or short, always depends on your actions, it is destined.

In the desert, you have to walk miles,
to get a few minutes of a shade.

It is a hard earned shelter which might be only for a while,
you might get a cool heavy rain or deadly hot storm.

But you have to face it you don’t have another option,
you can’t escape it.

Life is similar to this desert,
you have to face the challenges,
and conquer them to succeed.

The only difference is you are not alone in this desert to walk,
there will be many in your way to obstruct,
and many to encourage you sometimes.

But to reach your destination,
 you have to keep on moving, without halting.

Sometimes it might feel like,
 you have faced enough,
but there is nothing like enough.

You have to be courageous,
to achieve the Everest of your life.

In the desert you are in desert
in life too, you are alone.

No one is actually there,
you have to make your own ways.

No one can do it better than you, yourself
because it’s your life, after all.

Monday, May 26, 2014

The First Step

Image Courtesy: abundantlymore.com

In life, I have learned it is always the first step and sometimes the first few steps which are most crucial and difficult to take. But once you have taken the first step the rest of the journey passes by, just like a cake walk.

At this first step anyone and everyone  thinks a lot about whether I should do this or not or I want to do this or not, how will I do this, what others would think about me, etc etc.

But here others are not important; it is you who need to decide who need to do the things. Everyone travels his or her journeys on their own.

A lot of questions strikes to the mind, but once you have decided that you have to do this or you need to do this and taken the first step. Then you have only two choices either to quit it or give it your best shot become a loser or winner. The choice is always yours.

The important thing is you just need to initiate somewhere sometime. While writing anything it is always the first line about which I think the most and the rest goes with the flow. And you don’t need to worry about the result. Although while writing we can always review it and rewrite it again or edit it later. But we do not get such options while writing the lines of our lives that is the reason we think so much.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Beyond This World

Beyond religions, castes and genders
There is a world of humanity, nature and nobility.

Beyond boundaries, borders and lines
There is a world of unbound, freedom and without limits.

Beyond hypocrisy, show-offs and two-faces.
There is a world of truthful, honored and real’s.

Beyond this world of guns, missiles and bombs
There is a world of peace, happiness and tranquility.

Beyond yours and mine
There is a world of us and ours.

Beyond this world of no ones
There is a world of everyone.

Let’s conquer that world
One day, together?

PS: Happy Independence Day 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Skywatch Friday : Christ Church

Beautiful Christ Church of Shimla, Himachal Pradesh
This is one of the oldest churches in North India and certainly has become identity of Shimla. It is visible from far below the mountains as it is situated on the higher ones so while coming or going back you could have a look at it, only if clouds don’t come in your way. You could see it even before entering the city of hills during the day time and it looks even more beautiful with lights in night. While moving round and round on the hilly roads you can see it when you are on the one side of the mountain but not from the other side. And it makes you even more exciting when you feel that’s where you want to reach.

To view more magical skies from around the world, click on the below image:

Skywatch Friday

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Love - Found and Lost

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 38; the thirty-eighth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton. The theme for the month is "The Woman on Platform Number 10"
It was 4.30 pm in Sameer’s watch which someone gifted him when he was in college. He entered the New Delhi Railway Station carrying his baggage. He was traveling to Bangalore to join his new job where he is offered package in seven magical figures which everyone always dreams of, but still he was not very happy. Maybe he didn't want to leave this city as he had some special moments here with someone special and he do not want leave those memories behind.

He walked to one of the inquiry counters to check on which platform his train is going to arrive. The station was as usually full of people, everyone was going here and there, everyone for was pushing others. Sameer never liked crowded places and he avoid going in buses and trains but for some reason he had to travel from the train and bear all this. He inquired there about his train’s platform number and if it is on time or not. The man on the counter said, “it will arrive on platform number 8 and it is accurately on time that is 5 pm”. He got some relief that at least it is not late like usual scenarios of Indian Railways.

Then he started to walk towards the platform rolling his huge suitcase. He entered the platform number 1, reached to the foot over bridge grabbed his suitcase and started climbing the stairs. Just then a women unintentionally brushed his shoulder and he was almost about to slip away but he managed to hold the grill. He was about to shout on that person, but she didn’t even bothered to stop and say sorry but walked away hastily.

He saw her from behind she was wearing black salwar-kameez and a black colored jacket and her dupatta was covering her head. But her long golden brown hairs which were gathered in a long pony could be seen, which made him remember someone from his college days – his love, his only girlfriend ever, whom he wanted to marry and she also wanted to marry him. They were madly in love with each other. 

He was surprised thinking about her seeing this girl. He started to follow her walking briskly, almost running with his huge suitcase. Until now he was not even sure whether she is her or not but somewhere deep down in his heart he was feeling she is her only. He was pushing everyone who came in the way so that he did not lose her in the crowd like he lost her 2-3 years before. He realized that she was going towards some different platform and his train was going to arrive in a few minutes. But he did not care about his train and going to Mumbai or his job because he wanted to see her, he wanted his love and life back.

He was looking her from behind and by the way of walking he was almost sure that she is his love only. He called her name, but she did not hear, then he shouted again more loudly than before and now she heard it. She thought that she knew this voice and she stopped. She stopped there and turned looking around who was calling her.

And she saw him, her love of life who has grown into a man now who was very slim and sleek in college days now is looking muscular and strong but with same innocence on his face. She kept looking at him he was walking towards her and she almost forgot where she was going.

She was wearing a scarf on her face and he could see her eyes only, but still he recognized her. He had spent hours and days looking into those eyes then how he cannot recognize those eyes. He stopped there for a few seconds they were 100 meters away from each other, and they kept looking into each other’s eyes.

He started to walk towards her, she was still standing there and looking at him surprisingly, but she was also happy to see him. In a few seconds he was near her they were only a few centimeters apart now. The whole world has stopped there and then for them; the hustle bustle of the station did not matter to them. The announcement was being made for the arrival of the train going towards Mumbai in few minutes on platform number 8. Sameer did not hear it, he was still standing there staring in those eyes. Like his eyes were asking her’s “where the hell was you all these years? Do you know how much I searched for you? I still love you just like I used too.”

They were still silent then he spoke first “why did you do this to me? You know what I have been to all these years?” He kept asking her questions and she was standing silently in front of him listening to him talking after so many years. Her eyes have become more beautiful and deep now, but they have lost something very important, they did not have the same shine of joy and happiness. They were looking sad like they have been through a lot of pain. Even after so many years he understood just by looking into her eyes that something wrong had happened with her. He asked her very firmly “What had happened? why are you looking so upset? Where were you all these years? Tell me?”

They were standing in the middle of the platform everyone was in a hurry, someone pushed her and her scarf fell down and he saw that her face had a big scar. He remembered how much beautiful she was during their graduation days, how much he used to adore her and her beauty.

And now seeing this scar on her face he was feeling hurt, he felt her pain. He asked caressing her face “what happened to your face?” She did not say anything. But his touch of touching her scar brought back her in present from the good old days and cutting him in middle she said “I am in hurry now I need to go someone is waiting for me.”

Sameer was about to say something, but she turned and started walking. He felt hurt and angry just like years before, when she went away somewhere without telling anything to anyone. He started running behind her and tried to stop her, but she didn't stop. He was running so hastily that his leg slipped away and he fell down, he lost her in the crowd. He tried a lot to find her everywhere on the station, but he was unable to find her.

He started crying like a child on the station everyone was staring at him, but he did not care about anyone. He was feeling hurt and betrayed once again. It was almost like a dream for him that she came once again in her life after years when he was almost recovered from the trauma of losing her but once again he lost her without even finding her. It was 5.30 now his train has also left he started going outside the station and he did not remember to take the luggage with him which he has left somewhere while looking for her on the station.

All the while she was looking at him crying continuously from behind the washroom. She was also feeling bad for him and she wanted to go there to him but she could not. She saw him going and made sure that he went outside the station. She was feeling relieved that she got to meet for the last time. It was 5.45 pm now and the platform was even more crowded now. She came on the platform and sat on a bench.
Next Day

Sameer’s friend was watching television and he was sitting in the adjacent room still thinking about her, he was unaware about what has happened last evening at the station because he still could not believe that he lost her again he was in his own world of memories.

But then he heard the news that “yesterday a woman on platform number 10 of New Delhi Railway Station has been recognized as the suspect who blasted the bomb in the station which has caused hundreds of people injured and many dead and the number is still increasing. Her bag has been recovered from inside the ladies washroom in which contains a ladies wrist watch, and few other things related to explosives. Police confirmed that the bomber was a girl who was wearing a jacket with a bomb.”

The news channel showed the picture of wrist watch of the bomber which Sameer recognized as hers, he had gifted that watch to her in college. He was in complete shock now tears were rolling from his eyes. He could not understand what had happened and how it had happened. He could not believe that her love could be a terrorist, a bomber. He didn't believe the news channel, but he realized that he had lost her now, he will never meet her again. He was trying to understand what her eyes were saying yesterday. He thought that all this might be true but it is half truth and “truth is stranger than fiction”, he should not assume anything about her like this, he knew her better than anyone and she cannot do this.

PS: This is my first short story ever. Kindly, leave your remarks in comments to let me know how it is. :)

PPS: This is also my first entry for Blog-a-Ton. Yes, finally I made it :) I have been following Blog-a-Ton from many months but every time for some reason or other I was not able to post the entry on time and sometimes, my mind didn't give me any idea to write on the topic. That is why I don't even remember who introduced me to it because it been many months I came to know about it. :D
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